Keep your liner in place no matter the temperature

Summer is almost here and that means you get to have fun with bright and beautiful makeup. However, this plan can easily be foiled if your mint green or peach-toned liner starts spreading down your lids due to the rising temperatures. Luckily, the fabulous Lauren Conrad recently broke down how to avoid this literal meltdown on her blog, The Beauty Department.

To protect your fab look, you'll need a translucent powder and an eyeshadow blending brush. With products in hand, start the style by first swiping your favorite liquid liner on your top lids. Next, flip the powder compact upside down and then right side up so there's a little product left on the lid. Grab your blending brush and dip it into the powder on top. When it's loaded with product, apply it in a back and forth motion on the crease lines. When the crease is covered, use the remaining powder on the brush to cover your entire lash – you can even go over the liner since the powder is translucent. This easy trick will ensure your eye makeup stays perfect on the go!

According to the experts at Redbook magazine, the best way to remove eyeliner should you make a mistake is to dip the corner of a wedge makeup sponge into moisturizer and then dab it over the trouble area. You could also use a Q-tip for similar results. 

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