Miranda Kerr spills her beauty secrets

Some fans might assume that the breathtakingly beautiful Miranda Kerr doesn't do much to enhance her natural good looks. Though being blessed with fabulous genes is certainly a plus, Kerr recently let ladies in on a few of her hair and makeup secrets in the pages of Glamour magazine.

The stunning Aussie, wife of Orlando Bloom and mother to son Flynn, doesn't have much free time, so she prefers to stick to basic makeup products at home and on the go. Her biggest tip? Staying hydrated, since well nourished skin means a clear, healthy looking complexion.

As for her favorite beauty products, this model mom feels most beautiful with red lips

"I do love a red lip, so I have a few favorites I like to keep in my handbag," Kerr told the news outlet. 

Ladies looking to gain some confidence like Kerr can do so by trying out different red lipstick shades that work well for summer. Teen Vogue reports purchasing a red lipstick with fuchsia pink or more vibrant orange undertones is a great way to accentuate your pout and your tan at the same time. 

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