Use makeup magic for pouty lips

Have you been dying to get pouty lips like "Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell? You don't need your own personal makeup artist to get this fabulous look! All you need are a few simple tools, so grab that lip gloss and give us your best pout!

Just like you put a base on your lids before applying your favorite eyeshadow, pouty lips need more than than just lipstick to stand out. Apply lip balm as primer, and let it soak in while you put on the rest of your makeup. Wipe away the excess just before you're ready to finish your look.

To define your lips, use a pencil that matches the color of your gloss. Line your top lip first, using light, feathering strokes. Do the same on the bottom, then fill in your lips completely with the pencil.

Grab your favorite lipstick (choose a color slightly darker than the pencil), and apply. To finish off this awesome look, dab a bit of your favorite gloss at the center of your top and bottom lips – you'll look just like Mitchell!

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