Make your eyeshadow stay put during a heat wave

Whether you're headed to a backyard barbecue or hitting up a baseball game with your BFFs, making your eyeshadow stay put when it's hot out can be a challenge. No one wants to look like they're melting! To make sure your eye makeup stays fresh all summer long, use these easy tips:

Wash your face
If your eyeshadow is going to stay put, it will need clean, moisturized skin to adhere to. Before applying your makeup, wash your face and use a lightweight moisturizer. Then, powder your eyelids to remove excess oil.

Apply primer
Primer can prevent creasing and fading – not mention making the color you're using pop – so you'll want to apply a thin layer onto your lids prior to swiping on eyeshadow. If you don't want to spend the cash, your favorite concealer will work just as well!

Get it wet
Instead of buying pricey waterproof makeup, spray your brush with a mist of water before applying your favorite summer hue to your eyelids. Use the liquid sparingly, and set your look with another quick spritz of water. Now you're ready to hit up a beach bash and dance all night long!

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