Get Emma Watson’s modern red-lip look

Red lips may seem very "old Hollywood" but it's easy to update the look like Emma Watson! The key is to pair your ragin' red lips with oh-so-slightly pink cheeks to give your face the slightest flush. To get Watson's red carpet look from the Los Angeles "The Bling Ring" movie premiere, use these tips:

1. Start with the eyes
When wearing red lipstick, you don't want to overdo it, which means keeping your eyessimple. If you're going to wear shadow, opt for a neutral tone like gold or silver. Add black eyeliner and mascara for a bold look.

2. Apply pink blush
For Watson's modern take on this classic look, sweep light pink blush over the center of your cheeks, below the apples. Be careful not to swipe on too much or you'll overpower your lips. You want to make it seem like you just went for a quick jog.

3. Rock the red
Grab your favorite red lipstick and a lip brush! Choose something in a berry hue to match Watson's premiere look. To make sure the lip color lasts all night, hold a tissue over your lips, pat a little powder on top, then peel it away. This handy trick will give you that modern matte look too!

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