Three makeup looks to try with a center part

Thinking about rockin​g a center part this summer? Most of us automatically part our hair the same way every morning – it's as mindless as brushing your teeth. But switching up your part can give you an entirely new look, and it's a favorite trick among celebs like Elizabeth Olsen.  Match your makeup to your new hair with these easy tricks:

Bare faced
During the daytime, sometimes the less makeup you have on the better! Go for a fresh-faced look by applying just a bit of pink blush, keeping the rest of your face bare. Just swipe on some of chapstick and you're good to go!

Glossy lips
Go for a daring look by swiping some lip gloss over a berry-hued lip. Top it off with some black eyeliner and mascara and you'll look just like the celebs on the red carpet. Just be sure to use a straw while you're sipping on soda so you don't smudge your lipstick.

Golden goddess
To look like the golden goddess we know you are, try using bronzer on your cheeks and a golden hue on your eyelids. For your lips, reach for a pale pink or peachy gloss.

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