Must-have makeup brushes for smokey eyes

Dying to try out a smokey eye but don't know where to start? This gorgeous evening look is flattering on girls of all eye colors when done correctly, but it can be a little intimidating to attempt all on your own. Where to start? With these must-have makeup brushes, of course.

Angled brush
This is the tool you need to add a little color to your eyebrows before you start applying your eyeshadow. Don't go overboard – just fill in the gaps and make sure to match the color to the shade of your eyebrows. You'll also use the angled brush to apply black around the inside and underneath your eye.

Applicator brush
The applicator brush is used to apply the base shade that's the foundation of the smokey eye look. Begin by sweeping a neutral color across your lid. After using the angled brush around your eyelashes, grab the applicator again and apply black eyeshadow in an almond shape on your lid.

Blending brush
You can't achieve a smokey eye without a blending brush! Use this to soften the lines near the crease of your lid and to create that smokey effect that you're going for.

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