Embrace your pale skin this summer

Your friends may have been hitting the tanning beds all winter to get a little color, but too many UV rays can be dangerous, which is why pale skin is in this summer! Instead of trying to fake a tan and ending up orange or streaky, embrace your pale complexion with these beauty tips:

Keep it sheer
It can get pretty warm at the height of June and July, and the last thing you want is your makeup melting off your face. Make sure you use sunscreen, then keep it sheer by applying a thin layer of tinted moisturizer or going au natural. Use a dab of concealer to cover up any red spots.

Use bronzer
To get that golden glow without subjecting yourself to the sun's rays, just apply a bit of bronzer! Sweep the powder along your cheekbones, then add a light dusting around the perimeter of your face and down the center of your neck. Make sure you opt for a light, matte shade and use it sparingly.

Light colors
To avoid making your skin look paler than it is, stay away from dark eyeshadows in the summer. Instead, reach for a cream shadow with a pastel hue and subtle shimmer – it will reflect the sun's rays and brighten up your face.

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