Get matte makeup like Demi Lovato

It can be hard to avoid having shiny skin in the summer, as the temperatures rise and you can't help but get a little sweaty in the heat. But Latina beauty and songstress Demi Lovato has the matte look down pat, and with a few of her tips you can have a shine-free summer.

Before you even apply foundation or eyeshadow, use an oil-free or oil-controlling face lotion to prep your skin and make sure it stays free of shine throughout the day. Do this each morning before beginning your beauty routine.

If you have a naturally oily complexion, use a kabuki brush to apply powder in between your eyebrows, around the sides of your nose and on your chin. An overall matte finish can look unnatural, so you don't want to apply the powder all over.

To maintain Demi's matte makeup throughout the day, carry blotting papers with you at all times and use them to soak up any excess oil or shine when you're on the go. Then, you can touch up your look and apply a bit more powder as needed.

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