How to organize your makeup bag

Organizing your makeup bag can be tricky, particularly if you're as obsessed with the latest looks as we are! If your new eyeshadows, brushes and blushes have your bag looking remarkably similar to your junk drawer, use these tips to get organized so you can find exactly what you're looking for each morning:

1. Dump
There's no sense in trying to organize your makeup bag while everything is still in there, so go ahead and dump it all out so you can get a good look. Make sure you put your makeup on top of newspaper or paper towels just in case something is leaking or you forgot to put the cap back on your eyeliner.

2. Sort
If any of your makeup has seemingly passed its expiration date (three months for mascara, two years for eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick), toss it. If you have 10 different types of black eyeliner, trim down your collection to one or two.

3. Separate
Now that you only have fresh, clean makeup in front of you, think about what products you use daily, and which ones you save for special occasions. Use a smaller bag or bowl to store your everyday items front and center, and keep everything else separate and hidden away.

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