Beauty secrets from Megan Fox

Brunette bombshell Megan Fox always looks stunning on the red carpet, but in everyday life the "Transformers" star prefers a simpler look. Fox has shared some of her best beauty secrets to help you insert a little Hollywood glamour into your makeup routine:

1. Less is more
Fox is a busy girl, so she doesn't spend a ton of time applying cosmetics each day. She makes sure to wash her face every morning, moisturize and drink plenty of water. Healthy skin is the best canvas for makeup!

2. Don't limit your lipstick
If you love red lipstick, there's no need to limit yourself to one hue. Fox has tried everything from orange-reds to burgundy and plum. Go ahead – experiment! Wear your smile with confidence and you can pull off any shade.

3. Be true to yourself
Fox's best beauty secret? Don't be afraid to be yourself. The starlet looks up to Hollywood icons like Ava Gardner, who combines simplicity and elegance, for beauty inspiration. According to Fox, femininity isn't about how you dress or what makeup you wear – it's an attitude.

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