How to prevent your makeup from melting

Summer's great for a ton of reasons – there's no school, which means plenty of extra time to spend at the beach or the park – but it also means that your makeup sometimes starts to melt in the heat. To avoid that clown-look that inevitably occurs when your eyeshadow refuses to stay in place, follow these tips to fight excess oil and look fresh-faced throughout even the hottest of days:

1. When assembling your summer makeup tool kit, it's a good idea to have blotting papers in your arsenal to mop up excess perspiration and oil. Then, fix your foundation by using a damp sponge. As a preventative measure, wash your face with an oil-preventing cleanser before applying your makeup.

2. When it comes to foundation, there's no need to go for the all-over look. It can make your face appear cakey, and we're too young to have to cover anything up! Instead, just apply it on blemishes, which will be enough to keep you covered. That way, you don't have to worry about your face melting when you start to sweat.

3. When applying eyeshadow, don't forget to use a primer! It will keep the color in place, preventing any sliding or creasing. Plus, it makes your hue of choice look more vibrant! Opt for cream or pressed-powder formulas when choosing your shadow – they're less likely to move when you're out in the sun.

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