The best eyeshadow for brown-eyed girls

Just like their blue- and hazel-eyed counterparts, there are certain shades of eyeshadow that flatter girls with brown eyes. Although more than 50 percent of the world's population have brown-hued peepers, you'll stand out in a crowd with these dazzling shades:

Because brown is essentially a mix of all the colors of the rainbow, it gives you the option of really going bold. Sapphire shadows are best for dark brown eyes – it really makes them pop. If your eyes are a lighter shade of brown, try a different type of blue, like teal.

Purple is a universally flattering color, which makes it great for girls with brown eyes no matter their hair color. To contrast with the warm color of your eyes, try picking up a purple hue that has a blueish tint to it.

Golden tones look amazing on girls with brown eyes, particularly when using shadows with a greenish tint (trust us – it works). You can go matte or metallic depending on whether it's day or night. Other neutral tones, like taupe and cocoa, can also be flattering.

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