Allison Williams has the perfect date-night look

It's hard to find the perfect date-night makeup – red lipstick may look amazing, but it's not exactly conducive to eating a meal – it's bound to rub off at some point. Fortunately, "Girls" star Allison Williams has found the perfect balance: nude lips and shimmery shadow! Here's how to copy the look:

1. Begin by applying black eyeliner to the rims of your eyes, making sure not to neglect your water line. Then, use a shimmery bronze- or copper-colored eyeshadow to coat your lids. You can also apply a beige- or taupe-hue near your eyebrows and tear ducts to really make your eyes pop.

2. Because you'll be rocking this look at night, make sure to load up on the mascara – black, not brown – or use false eyelashes if you're feeling particularly bold. You can also try layering two different types of mascara (one for curling and one for lengthening) to pump up your lashes.

3. Finish off the perfect date-night look with the perfect date-night gloss! You don't want your lips to be totally bare, but you can get the effect of nude lips by swiping on some subtly pink gloss.

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