How to pull off sparkly shadow during the day

Hollywood goddess Blake Lively is famous for her golden locks, fashion sense and role on the hit-TV show "Gossip Girl," but she also has a knack for pulling off dazzling beauty looks like sparkly shadow during the daytime. Here's how to pull off Lively's go-to eyeshadow look:

Ditch the eyeliner
When using shimmery shadow, there's no need to use heavy eyeliner. Instead, apply the shadow to your lids and then dust a little underneath your lower lashes. Finish off the look with some black mascara to make your eyes pop and you'll have a California-girl glow just like Lively.

Don't go overboard
Too much shimmer on your face can give the effect of looking like Bella Swan in the sun (after becoming a vampire, of course), so if you're going to use shimmery eyeshadow, make sure that's the only place you sparkle. Stick to matte foundation and light pink lips when wearing this type of shadow during the day.

Choose neutral tones
While sparkly blue or purple eyeshadow can be amazing for night, it's best to stick to neutral tones during the day. Gold, silver, copper and taupe can all look amazing – choose the hue that looks best with your skin tone.

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