How to fill in your eyebrows

You've probably heard the phrase that the "eyebrows are the frame of the face," which means we don't have to tell you how important it is to do a little maintenance every now and then. While having your brows plucked or waxed by a professional is one thing, trying to fill them in yourself is a whole different matter.

The main cosmetics tool that you'll need to complete this process is an eyebrow pencil – never ever use black, because it will look unnatural. Instead, opt for a subtle brown. Use it to sketch out the shape of your eyebrow beginning in the center and working your way outward.

Next, grab your angled eyeliner brush and dip it into your brow powder (again, brown, not black). Brush the color on the hairs beginning in the middle of your eye and working your way to the outer edges. Use the remaining powder on the brush to fill in the thicker area on the inner portion of your brow. This will deposit most of the powder at the outer edges of your brow, where it will look more natural.

Finish off your perfect eyebrow look by brushing them out with a clean mascara wand or brow brush. If your eyebrows are looking a tad too dark, use a cotton swab to tone down the look – it will remove some of the powder.

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