Gorgeous shadows for green eyes

Girls with green eyes are a rare breed, and find themselves in the company of some of Hollywood's most gorgeous celebrities (Olivia Wilde, anyone?). Those emerald peepers have the power to make you stand out in the crowd – bring attention to their uniqueness by using the best eyeshadow hues for green eyes:

Purple may be a flattering shade on pretty much anyone, but it's particularly stunning on green-eyed girls because it makes their eyes look more vibrant. For daytime, try a lavender hue. At night, go bold by using plum or eggplant to create a smokey-eyed look. Concentrate the color near your lash line to bring attention to your gorgeous green eyes.

While bright silver shadow may look a little too 2003, update the look for 2013 by using a smokey silver hue. It's a go-to color for "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart, who has (you guessed it!) green eyes. Sweep the shadow across your lids and dab a bit on the inner corners.

Just because you have green eyes doesn't mean that green shadows have to be off limits! A golden-sage eyeshadow can be stunning. If you're going to try out something in the green family, make sure that it's sheer or shimmery so it doesn't overpower you.

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