Three quick tricks that will brighten your eyes

When you've just rolled out of bed in the morning and are groggily attempting to perform your makeup routine, you've got one thing and one thing only on your mind (besides getting your hands on caffeine, of course): brightening your eyes. Use these easy cosmetics tricks to instantly draw attention to those gorgeous peepers:

1. Gold eyeliner
Celebrity makeup artists often use gold eyeliner on the lower waterlines of celebrities to brighten up their eyes and give off that ethereal glow. The look is surprisingly subtle, which means you can pull it off even in the daytime.

2. Nix the brown eyeshadow
While neutral shadows are flattering on everyone, stay away from brown hues if you're attempting to make your eyes pop. Instead, opt for a shimmery mauve or taupe color – it will instantly make you look more awake and alert (even if you don't feel it).

3. Strategically use concealer
Concealer isn't just for covering up those pesky pimples! Eliminate redness by applying a thin layer to your upper lids. You can also pair it with a light-reflecting formula underneath your eyes to get rid of the dark circles that develop when you stay up too late watching a movie marathon.

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