The best eyeshadow to wear with bangs

Lately it seems that bangs have been making a comeback – everyone from Kim Kardashian to Emma Stone has given them a try in the last few months. The look is ultra-chic, and former "One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush has once again proven her unshakeable status as a style icon by pairing her blunt bangs with the perfect cosmetics.

It's difficult to know what eye makeup to use when you have bangs, particularly if you have longer fringe like Bush. As the actress demonstrated multiple times on the red carpet, the key is to keep it simple.

After applying primer, sweep peachy gold eyeshadow across your lids and dab a bit underneath your waterline. Use black eyeliner to make your eyes pop and finish with some thick black mascara. Bush often sports rosy cheeks with this look, which gives her a youthful glow.

You can dress this fool-proof look up or down with your lipstick! For night, choose a deep berry hue like Bush did at Global Green's Annual Pre-Oscar Party. During the day, it's best to stick with something a little more simple. Choose a peachy hue or a shade that is just a touch darker than the natural color of your lips.

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