Top colored eyeliners for fall

If you thought your eye makeup ended at colorful eyeshadows and black eyeliner, think again. Colored liners add extra sparkle to a look and are an additional way to change up your beauty routine. The next time you have a school dance, choose colored eyeliner that matches your dress.

Olive green: If you have brown or hazel eyes, try a warm olive green eyeliner. The color is not too bright for the day and still adds some variety to your look. An olive green eyeliner will work especially well with eyeshadow colors such as a shimmery gold or dark brown.

Cool blue: A cool or electric blue is sure to make your eye makeup pop. While it requires you to be a bit more daring, the effect never fails to stand out. Since the color is bright, apply a thin layer of the eyeliner.

Violet: Violet tends to have a royal look when paired with brown or green eyeshadow. Violet eyeliner will match all skin tones and can even be used when creating a smoky eye effect.

Brown eyeliner: If you want to achieve a natural eyeshadow look but still need some variety, use brown eyeliner once in a while.

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