Makeup trends from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is well-known for some of the trendiest and most inspiring makeup techniques during the year. Here are some of our favorite looks, straight from the runway:

Multi-colored smoky eye: As spotted in designer Altuzarra's show, adding a bit of color to a smoky eye can further help eyeshadow stand out. To achieve this look, blend colored eyeshadow on the bottom part of your eyelid, leaving the top lid for the grey smoky color.

Nude makeup: While nude lips or eyeshadow are not revolutionary, Oscar de la Renta's models donned completely nude makeup at the NYFW show. A few days a week, try the natural look with nude eyeshadow and lips. Use a shimmery gold or champagne colored eyeshadow for simple makeup application. For your lips, try peachy beige or peachy pink lipstick for a nude look.

Blue and Gold eyeshadow: If you want to add a little sparkle to your eyeshadow, try some glitter. Thakoon's runway show featured models with heavy blue eyeshadow and plenty of gold glitter on top of the lids for added sparkle.

Nail polish: Rebecca Minkoff's runway had the most unique nails during NYFW. To get the look, take five nail polish colors and use a thin paintbrush to place dots on your nail beds. Then, mix the colored dots with the paintbrush for a gorgeous mash-up on your nails. Finish the look with a clear topcoat.

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