Tips for perfecting liquid eyeliner application

With a little bit of time and precision, liquid eyeliner can go on beautifully and help your eye makeup stand out. While it may seem daunting to go over your beautiful eyeshadow with liquid color, don't let the fear of ruining your makeup keep you from perfecting your look. Before you head to the movies or go to a school dance, follow these tips to properly apply liquid eyeliner.

Basics: You should apply your eyeliner after you finish the eyeshadow, but prior to adding mascara to your look. One of the biggest problems in applying eyeliner is an unsteady hand. To keep your hand from shaking as you put on eyeliner, rest your elbow on a table in front of the mirror.

Application: Instead of one quick swoop with the liquid liner, create several small dashes on your eyelid. Then, go back and carefully connect the dashes to ensure a straight and smooth line.

Extended cat eye: This fall, the extended cat eye liner look is a popular look on runway shows and with celebrities. To achieve the effect, first apply eyeliner to your top lid. Then apply liner to your lower lash line in a similar fashion. Finally, connect the top eyeliner to the bottom line and finish the look with voluminous mascara.

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