How to rock purple eyeshadow for any eye color

When it comes to experimenting with eyeshadow, some prefer to be cautious. But did you know that purple eyeshadow looks great on everyone, no matter your eye color? Whether your peepers are green, brown or blue, swiping on some purple shadow is a great way to instantly update your look.

Brown eyes
There are tons of shades of purple eyeshadow for brown eyes – in fact, you really can't go wrong. From lavender to plum, any hue of purple you can find on the color wheel will make your brown eyes stand out. You can even mix and match the different shades to create a colorful smoky eye.

Blue eyes
While purple eyeshadow is flattering on girls with blue eyes, the hues you can use are a bit more limiting. Stick to a shimmery eyeshadow palette and opt for amethyst or royal purple shades. In addition to using these colors as shadows, you can dip your eyeliner brush in water to concentrate the color and use it as eyeliner.

Green eyes
Green is on the opposite end of the color wheel from purple, which means that the hue looks extra gorgeous next to green eyes! Purple shadow with red undertones really makes green eyes pop, so give violet and lavender a try. But seriously – no shade of purple is off-limits when it comes to green eyes. Feel free to experiment!

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