Top 3 rules for applying concealer

In order for your cosmetics to truly stand out, it's important to have a flawless canvas. While even celebrities don't have perfectly clear skin (it's called airbrushing), you can fake it by covering up blemishes and imperfections and following these top three rules for applying concealer:

1. Use different colors. While you may be tempted to only use the color that best matches your skin tone, different hues have different purposes. For example, concealers with yellow undertones neutralize bluish under-eye circles, while a green base will cover up redness. A flesh-tone concealer is perfect for touch-ups.

2. Find the right lighting. If you're going to apply concealer, it's important that you find the proper lighting – otherwise you may accidentally end up looking more like a clown than the gorgeous girl you are! You should always apply concealer under natural light – stand near a window so you can really see what you're doing.

3. Use the right technique. Whether you're using a concealer pencil or a liquid formula, application is simple: Just dab your color of choice on the problem area, and use your ring finger to blend. Be sure not to overdo it – using too much concealer can lead to creasing and caking.

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