3 trendy fall nail colors

When trying to stay on trend, there's one easy update you can do that's perfect for experimentation: changing your nail polish. Unlike chopping off your hair, switching up your nail polish allows you to make a quick change that can easily be reversed if you don't like the results. But we're confident that once you try these fall nail colors you'll never want to take them off.

Similar to the color of wine, oxblood nails will look stunning against a fall wardrobe peppered with warm hues like goldenrod and neutrals like black and gray. When you wear this color, make sure your nails are a little longer so they look extra ladylike.

Navy blue
If you're looking for a darker hue but aren't quite willing to try black polish on your nails, navy blue is the way to go – it's just the right amount of edgy. File your nails into a square shape with rounded edges before swiping on this fall favorite.

Deep purple
What's true for eyeshadow is apparently also true for fall nail colors – purple looks good on everyone. This season, test out rich shades like eggplant and amethyst. Deep purple nails look elegant without being too prim and proper.

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