Mermaid-inspired eyeshadow for Halloween

Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means there are tons of opportunities for you to get creative with your cosmetics! Miley Cyrus rocked a mermaid-inspired look at the Fashion Group International Night of Stars, and you can easily do the same by using a few choice hues from your 120 palette eyeshadow.

  • Begin by sweeping a shimmering ivory shadow from your lashes to your brows. Then, press a metallic gray-green color into your lids. Blend a light blue shadow into the outer corners of your eyes and in the creases.
  • Next, use liquid black eyeliner to tightline your eyes. Using a precision eyeliner brush, apply the gray-green shadow along the rims of your lower lashes. This will brighten your eyes and really help you achieve the mermaid look. Next, curl your lashes before applying several layers of black mascara.
  • Now that your gorgeous mermaid eyes are complete, pull it all together with just a touch of rose-colored blush on the apples of your cheeks followed by some shimmery highlighter on your cheekbones. Sweep some light pink gloss on your lips and hunt for the perfect mermaid costume to complete your Halloween ensemble.

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