5 rules for applying flawless mascara

Although perhaps not as glamorous as your 120 palette eyeshadow, mascara is a crucial member of your makeup arsenal. But apply it incorrectly and you can end up with clumpy spider lashes – not cute. To get a flawless look every time, follow these five tips:

1. Choose black. Just like a little black dress looks good on everyone, so too does black mascara. Even fair-haired ladies should have no problem pulling off luscious dark lashes. When in doubt, go with this neutral hue.

2. Curl your lashes. Using an eyelash curler before applying mascara will make your eyes wider and brighter. Hold it at the roots for three seconds, then midway up your lashes for five seconds.

3. Use different formulas. Each mascara formula has a different function – combine one that lengthens with one that volumizes and you'll have a stunning look.

4. Apply in different directions. After sweeping on a layer of mascara, wiggle the brush from side to side to give your lashes some volume on top of the length.

5. Don't forget you lower lashes. Most of us don't think to add a touch of mascara to our lower lashes, but using the tip of the wand to lightly coat them can bring a bit more definition to your look.

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