November birthstone inspiration: purple topaz smoky eye

If you’re a November birthday girl or just love topaz, this tutorial is for you. This gemstone comes in a range of colors, but its purple varieties are perfect for fall and winter. Here is how to master a purple smoky eye that you can wear for your upcoming holiday parties:

Purple topaz smoky eye
First, take your 28 color smoky eye palette and choose the black shadow. Using your angled shadow brush, apply it from your lashes to the crease. Then take your purple eyeshadow and put it on just underneath the brow bone. Also, add a light sweeping of purple to your bottom lids. Next, take a dark gray shadow and apply it to your crease with your blending brush. Use small circular motions to create a gradient look between the two colors. Lastly, complete the look with black mascara.

Understated purple eye
Sometimes you’ll want an understated look, but still would like to wear a bit of color. Follow the instructions as above, but use a gold or silver eyeshadow instead of the black and gray. Then, put on a single coating of mascara, and you’re ready to head to school with a cool new look for November.

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