Celebrate November’s birthstone: topaz

The holiday season is finally here! The upcoming celebrations not only mean time off from school, but they also signify a slew of upcoming events to experiment with fun eye makeup. For a bit of inspiration we turn to November’s birthstone: topaz. This gemstone is available in a range of hues, which means you have tons of options. Here are a few ways to incorporate topaz into your makeup routine:

Topaz is a multifaceted gemstone and it can be found in honey yellow. Pick up a Hollywood eyeshadow and blush palette for the perfect mix of topaz hues. On the right side of the palette is a shimmery gold that can be applied to your top lid for a great party look. Make it a smoky golden eye by smudging some black powder on the bottom lash line and finishing with a thick coat of mascara.

Blue topaz is widely coveted. Swipe a few coats of night blue polish on your nails. This hue will work perfectly with your holiday frocks.

Purple is a great holiday color. Pair a purple smoky eye with a great holiday little black dress (also known as a LBD to all the fashionistas out there).

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