How to: creating natural-looking thick eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are all the rage these days. Beauty trends are moving toward the natural look, which is great for gals who have full brows. But what about the ladies who either over plucked or just don't have brows that grow out completely? Never fear – all you need to learn is a few tricks to create natural-looking full eyebrows.

Thick eyebrows
If you were born with full eyebrows, there are still a few things to do to keep them under control and looking their best. Use your dual sided brow and lash brush to comb them out so they lie flat and in one direction. Grab your tweezers and and pull out any stray hairs. Next, take a brown or black pencil (as close as you can get to the natural hue of your brows) and use short strokes to create a defined outline.

How to create thick-looking brows
Use the same brush as above to comb out your brows, then tweeze any strays hairs. Take your eyebrow pencil and lightly create short marks starting from one edge of your brow and moving outward to make your eyebrows look bigger. Don't rush! Since you're going for a natural look, you're trying to mimic individual hairs, not simply fill in the shape with color.

If you need a bit more fill-in, take a tonal eyeshadow and an angled eyeliner brush and use them to give more coverage. But don't smudge the shadow in, because then it won't look natural.

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