Stocking stuffers under $10 for any age

Christmas is almost here! And if you still have a few people on your list to shop for, there are tons of affordable items available. Here are a few stocking stuffers under $10 for all the gals in your life:

Early teens
Some preteens might not wear a lot of makeup, but there are a few items that could add extra dimension to their look. The BH floral blush duo has two compartments of blush hues to brighten anyone's complexion. And it's a perfect starter item for any young lady.

Late teens
Once gals get older they will be much more experienced putting on makeup. To help them apply their eye shadow appropriately, gift them a few professional quality brushes. If your pal is known for her eye makeup, select a blending brush, classic smudge brush and precision eyeliner brush. Wrap them together in a ribbon and the gift is complete. 

Young professionals
If you are looking for a stocking stuffer for a young adult, opt for a BH party girl palette. Or you can choose the 28 color smoky eye palette. There are tons of shadow selections in each collection, so she is sure to be thrilled with either. 

Older gals
For your older friends, pick up a couple creme lip colors in bold hues like te amo and sweet mango.

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