2013 holiday makeup trends

This holiday season you’ve probably tried a bunch of different makeup applications. But which ones were the best? Here is a list of some of the top holiday makeup trends:

Rich red lips and light sparkly eyes
A bold red lip makes the ultimate statement. And for the holiday season many gals paired it with sparkly eye makeup. To recreate the look, dab on BH classy gal lip gloss. Or you can opt for the creme luxe lipstick in sweet mango or te amo. For the sparkly eyes, pull out your 88 color shimmer eyeshadow palette. Sweep on a light coating of a gold or silver hue and your look is complete.

Jewel-toned eyeshadow with nude lipstick
This past holiday season ladies often chose to wear bold eye makeup with an understated lip. For a classic jewel tone, choose one of the blues on your 88 color palette. Then you can complete your look with creme luxe lipstick in forever nude or naked peach.


Dark red lips with a simple liquid liner cat eye
Celebs have often been photographed wearing red lipstick and cat eye makeup. To mimic the look just apply a bold lip color like red truffle or moody merlot in your creme luxe lipstick. Then use the BH liquid liner to create a pointed cat eye effect, and you’re done!

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