How to clean your makeup brushes

You may not realize it, but over time product can build up on your makeup brushes and germs may even be residing in the bristles. Yuck! Combat this by cleaning them out every two weeks or once a month, depending on how frequently you apply your makeup.

Here is what you need to keep your brushes residue-free:

Run your brushes under warm water to get rid of as much product as possible. Use your fingers to get rid of any bits lodged toward the base of the brush head. Then, add a dab of makeup brush cleaner on each brush and rub it in to get rid of any leftover foundation, blush or eyeshadow. Also, reshape the bristles to their original form if necessary. Then use a lint-free cloth to dry each of the brushes, or you can let them air dry and place them on a cloth.

Affordable makeup brushes
Don't have any makeup brushes? If your answer is "yes," you're in luck, because there are a range of affordable options available. For a starter kit, pick up a blending brush, blush brush, foundation brush and lip liner brush. Clean them regularly to keep them in good working order.

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