How to conceal flaws and imperfections

No matter how well you take care of your skin, you'll have some imperfections from time to time. They come in the form of blemishes, scars and other types of discolorations. This may leave you wondering how to achieve a flawless complexion. It's simple – use the right concealer to even out your skin tone. Here's how to do it:

Dark circles
First pick up the six color concealer & corrector palette. This kit has a variety of hues that can be blended together to help you find the right shade. Choose between the light, medium and dark palettes. Then opt for one of the peachy shades to treat darkness under your eyes, which will help add warmth to the area. Next use another color from the palette to match your skin tone and apply your face makeup on top. 

The concealer palette works well for blemishes too. You'll have to use a heavier hand to conceal acne marks, but be careful not to further irritate the area. If the blemish is red, use a green color to neutralize the hue. Then blend the edges of the powder to match your skin tone. Finish by taking one of your makeup brushes and applying powder over the area.

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