Makeup for Beginners: Creating Your First Kit

To Start:

makeupforbeginners_BHWhether you are young and ready to start playing around with makeup or you have just developed an interest and aren’t sure where to start, we have put together a collection of products we recommend you combine to create your first starter kit.

Two of our greatest recommendations for beginners would be the Forever Nude Palette and the That’s Heart Palette. Each palette includes your essentials:  eyeshadow, blush and highlighter! The a difference between the two palettes is that the Forever Nude Palette includes two lip colors while the That’s Heart Palette includes a bronzer.  Choosing whether to add a pop of color to your lips or a warm tone to your cheeks is completely a personal preference, and totally up to you! Next, pick one of our Concealer Pencils in your skin tone; these pencils will help you hide blemishes and even out your complexion.

After palettes and concealers, you can’t do without a good mascara like our Loveable Lash Mascara. But don’t forget your brows with our Flawless Brow Trio! If nothing else, an application of mascara and filled in brows will be the easiest way to transform your appearance and really give your face definition. Lastly, a couple quality brushes will make all the difference in your makeup application as they will help you blend your makeup application for a natural look and feel. If you are going to select a couple of brushes to start, we recommend the All-Over Brush for face products and the Blending Brush for eyes. Almost everything else can be blended in with your (clean) fingertips to start.

Remember, BH Beauties, that many of these products can be used many different ways! Try one of the brow powders in your crease for definition or try a light, shimmery eyeshadow on your cheekbones to highlight. Use concealer as a primer on your lids to make shadows last longer.

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Additional Resources:

So you purchased the Forever Nude Palette or the That’s Heart Palette and you aren’t sure where to start? Check out these great tutorials for a step-by-step guide on how to create a perfect look.

  • The Forever Nude palette tutorial can be found here.
  • The That’s Heart palette tutorial can be found here.

2 comments on “Makeup for Beginners: Creating Your First Kit

  1. Alesia hoxha August 25, 2016 3:08 am

    i want to create my own palette.Can you help me

    • BH Beauty Blog September 16, 2016 9:18 am

      Hi! Please email for any collaborations! Thank you!

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