4 Ways to Amp Up Your Eyeliner This Summer

Hi BH Beauties!

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little bored with doing the same eyeliner routine everyday. I love checking out your looks on Instagram (use #bhcosmetics) and seeing the different looks you’ve created! I’ve been inspired and here are some of my favorite ideas for summer 2014.

Line Eyes with Brights or Pastels

fun eyeliner ideas

Put away the black and brown eyeliner and invest in some fun colored eyeliner! I love our eye crayons because you can use them as eyeliner or eye shadow. My favorite spring color is Heavenly, but Iris is a beautiful light purple too.

White Eyeliner

I’ve talked about white eyeliner a lot on the blog, but that’s just because it’s one of my favorite trends this spring and summer. It’s fun, makes your eyes look bigger, and the look can be subtle or dramatic depending on how you apply it.

Try it out and apply just a little bit to the inner corners of your eyes, or line your bottom waterline with it. For more advanced users, double line your upper lashes with black and then white.

Double Eyeliner

double eyeliner ideasOne of my favorite looks I’ve seen this season is the double eyeliner look. As I just mentioned, lining your eyes with black and then white on top is a really cool look. I also love pairing black or brown eyeliner and pastels or brights together and making a double winged eyeliner look. You can combine whatever you want – get creative!

Upside-Down Eyeliner

We all have different eye shapes and some eyeliner looks work for some, and look terrible on others. I used to think it only putting eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes was The #1 Beauty Rule you were not supposed to break, but I’ve seen a number of awesome tutorials for upside-down eyeliner. This works well for hooded eyes and those with smaller eyes as it opens up the space between the eye and brow, while still drawing attention to your gorgeous eyes. There’s a neat tutorial on The Beauty Department on how to do an upside-down cat eye.

Get creative and use the #bhcosmetics on Instagram to show off some of your gorgeous looks!



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