BH Cosmetics Attends BeautyCon 2014 Los Angeles

Hello my BH Beauties!

This past weekend BH Cosmetics was a partner at BeautyCon in Los Angeles. BeautyCon is a beauty show featuring the Internet’s leading beauty and fashion icons. The event allows those with a love for beauty and fashion to connect with their favorite brands, meet their icons and buy lots and lots of samples and products.  We met up with our very own MUA, Cambria, to discuss the event; here is what she had to say.

Jessica: “Hi Cambria, so tell us about the event, how did it go?”

Cambria: “Hi Jessica, the event was amazing. BH Cosmetics had a line wrapped around the booth almost the entire day. It was really exciting to meet so many of our loyal customers and hear about their favorite products.”

Jessica: “What were the customers’ favorite products at the event?”

Cambria: “The bestselling products were the Galaxy Chic Palette & Contour & Blush Palette, both were sold out during the first half of the show!”

Jessica: “Did you meet or see any celebs?”

Cambria: “Yes, some of our favorite personalities such as Kandee Johnson and CharismaStarTV, came by the booth to say hello. We even caught a glimpse of Kelly Osbourne walking the pink carpet!”

Jessica: “Want to add anything else?”

Cambria: “I just want to thank all of our customers that came out it was really great to see how excited they were for BH Cosmetics products. I can’t wait to see all of you at BeautyCon 2015!”



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