BET Awards Makeup Showdown

Hello BH Beauties!

Did you get a chance to watch the BET awards this past Sunday? Between the #LionelRitchie fail and Nicki Minaj’s acceptance speech, it was a crazy night of performances. Oh course, since we’re makeup addicts, we were focused on the red carpet beauties!

Here are some of our favorites:

Gabrielle Union! Can you believe she is 41? She looked stunning at the BET awards with gorgeous hair and radiant, dewy skin. Her brows were flawless and her eyes were lightly lined and finished with a full lash. Her lips were neutral and glossy, and her face had just the right amount of contouring. We love this simple, elegant look!


Credit: The Style Tribune

Actress Zendaya wore a similar look with a neutral peach lipstick and dark-lined eyes, heavy mascara, and perfect brows. Her skin looked gorgeous and sun-kissed and looked fabulous with her casual outfit.

Jennifer Hudson paired thick winged eyeliner and heavy mascara with a bright red lip, keeping the look simple so all attention was directed to her sexy new pixie cut!

Credit: Glamour

Credit: Glamour

Nicki Minaj – if you only remember her from the crazy colored wig days, you might not have recognized her at the BET awards with long, dark hair in tight curls. She kept the focus on her gorgeous hair by keeping her makeup neutral pairing defined brows, simple lined eyes and a glossy lip. To copy her look, don’t forget to use a highlighter to mimic her stunning cheekbones.

We’re not sure what’s going on between Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj, but we love Iggy’s bright pink lips (kind of like our pop cultured lipstick!), winged eye and shimmery eye makeup.

Kenya Moore paired a beautiful orange lip (try Sweet Mango) with tight-lined eyes and thick, full lashes. Her brows are also thick – another big trend we noticed at this year’s awards!

What was your favorite look at the BET awards this year?



BH Nail Lacquer

Clothes and cosmetics, the two essentials to any beauty lifestyle. Remarkably, we can fine tune our wardrobes and looks to tailor any feeling or any particular style we want – just a few adjustments to items or a different way of applying your eyeliner and you have an entirely new look! But besides the abundance of clothes that crowd our closets and the piles of make up that clutter our counters, many of us turn to nail polish to add just a touch more depth to our everyday choices.


Polish provides an outfit for our nails! Sometimes we prefer a deep and rich berry to attend to our sultry mood; colors like Wine or Truffle, which can be found in both our new nail lines. However, other days we head for the bright and vibrant reds, playful pinks, pretty purples or the beautiful shades of blues to match our high-energy moods! The options are endless and we are never limited by the array of colors available for our nails.


With two stunning sets of 10 colors each, BH Cosmetics has got all you need in the polish department! If you’re feeling bright and energetic, looking for those corals and lavenders mixed with a few deeply irresistible shades than the Flirty Collection is just for you! Not only are the colors playful but, the more pastel choices add a beautiful mix sophistication and fun to your everyday look.


Secondly, we have the Mystery Collection. Perfectly tailored for the sexy seductress, we have compiled a mix of colors from radiant reds to metallic to plum to the ever-popular turquoises. The choices here are daring, yet beautiful for day or night. Bold colors never go out of style and neither will this Mystery Collection!


Out of 20 possible colors, I would love to know your favorite! Tell me in the comments!

Handbags & Makeup Party with BH Cosmetics!


BH Cosmetics recently partnered up with the fabulous HaulerDeals to launch a fun and informative live video cast with Spreecast providing education and instruction on the best way to use our products. BH Cosmetics reached the heart of its Internet presence by gathering seven of our most high-profile users. The goal was to share benefits of the product line and instruction while also having a great time!

These seven influencers, also known as Beauty Gurus, were chatting up the live feed, answering questions from viewers, while others were in our chairs getting glammed up with BH Cosmetic make up artists and learning about hot new products! BH Cosmetics was lucky enough to work with such gorgeous gals including Weylie Hoang (ILIkeWeylie), Olga Kay (Olga Kay), Teni Panosian (MissMaven), Jessica Cellona (IlyJessicaOmg), Melissa Ruy (BohemianRagz22), Linsay Cellona (labellavitalc), and Jenny Wu (GoodBad&Fab).

At this Handbags and Makeup Party, the new BH Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette was launched; which features 10 dazzling shades that complimented each guru that sat in our chairs! Along with this knock out palette, each pretty pout was sure to be pleased with the new BH Cosmetics Creme Luxe Lipsticks! The choices are endless with these 12 hydrating, yet perfectly pigmented lipsticks. Many of the YouTube gurus stated that these new launches are must-haves in their beauty bags!

For those who tuned into this extravagant event, it is no mystery that we held a “sneak peak” of our up and coming products! It was exciting to give these major beauty influencers a glance at products that will be welcomed into our beauty line this Fall.

With the success of this event and the ongoing development and launch of new collections, BH Cosmetics plans to host similar influencer parties each month!

California Makeup Palette Collection: BH San Francisco Palette Review

By Morena of TheDailySwatch

These palettes from BH Cosmetics were released recently as part of the California Makeup Collection. At only $10 each, these are a great deal! Each palette comes with 16 eye shadows and 4 blushes and are designed with California in mind. Whether you’re looking for a bright and bold look, or something more soft and neutral, the California Makeup Collection can do it all!

This is the BH San Francisco palette. The outside packaging hints at what is inside- cool toned eye shadows in blues, browns and greys (and more!). This palette is a must-have for spring!

When you open up the sides, you get a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The colors in the picture are the inspiration for the shades in this palette.

The sides are magnetized so it’s easy to open and close.

As you can see, the eyeshadows on each side look quite different. The left hand side is dark and smokey and mainly matte. The right hand side has lighter shades in both matte and shimmer.

The back of the palettes states:

“Inspired by the classic San Francisco city, this palette contains eye and face colours that can transform you into a sophisticated bay area girl. Cool tones and feminine colours get you ready for gloom or shine.”

I can definitely see this palette being great to use on both gloomy and bright days!


Here are close-ups of each side. I’ve indicated which colours are matte and which are shimmer.

If you look closely as each side, you can see that the top four eyeshadows and the bottom four eyeshadows are like separate quads. This helps to show you which eyeshadows work really well with each other.

The above photo is swatches of the eye shadows from the left side of the palette. You can see in this photo that eye shadows beside each other go well together! These are mainly matte finish and can definitely be built up for a more opaque look. My favorite color on this side is the gold one! It’s very smooth and pigmented.

Here are swatches of the eyeshadows from the right side of the palette. These are mainly shimmery, but there are some matte finish ones as well. The pigmentation of the shimmery eyeshadows is great and they’re easy to blend. The matte mint green is a classic spring colour.

I recommend wearing these eyeshadows with some sort of eye primer or cream base. This will make them last longer and remain crease-free!  The BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer and Eye Crayons are examples, but anything similar will work.

When you open up the middle part of the palette, four blushes are revealed. This palette has a great mix of colors which you can use to highlight and add color to your cheeks. There is also a good-sized mirror inside making this palette great for those of you always on-the-go!

Although these are labelled as blushes, the top two can definitely be used as a highlighter and/or a bronzer. This quad of face powders has a great combination of neutrals and brights, making it a versatile palette that can be used anytime, any day!

In this photo, the first two are the highlight colours and the last two are the blush colours. I really like the second peachy-coloured one! I think it’d be a great highlighter to use in the summer to give you a nice glow.

If you’re looking for a palette that can take you from rain to shine or day to night, this palette is for you! It’s small and compact, has a great mirror and is filled with a variety of colours to choose from.

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California Makeup Palette Collection: BH Hollywood Palette Review

By Morena of TheDailySwatch

The BH Hollywood Palette contains 16 eye shadows and 4 blushes and is only $10! It’s part of the new California Makeup Palette Collection from  BH Cosmetics. This is a great palette for anyone who likes to wear bold, bright and dramatic looks.

Opening the the magnetized sides of the palettes reveals a classic Hollywood Boulevard scene. The purples, blacks and reds in the scene are the inspiration for some of the eye shadows in this palette.

The left side has some classic Hollywood colors, while the right hand side has some brighter neon colors. Each side is made up of two quads which can help you decide which colors to pair with each other.

The back of the palette states:

“Look like an A-List celebrity using these bold eyeshadow and face colours, personally hand-picked by a Hollywood makeup artist. Mix & match the jewel-toned shades for a stunning look on your next glamorous night out.”

This palette is bold and glamorous for sure!

What sets this apart from the other two palettes in this collection are the glitter eyeshadows. There are two in this palette and they are both located on the left side. The glitter adds an extra dimension to any eyeshadow look, but be careful when applying them. Sometimes a little bit of the glitter can come off and fall onto your face. The best thing would be to apply an eyeshadow primer beforehand so that it adheres better to your eyelid.

The left side of the palette is definitely the glamorous side, while the right is bright and bold..

You can really see the glitter in the red eyeshadow on the right. It applies a bit sheer, but applying a cream base (like the BH Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Burn) can make it more intense while also keeping the glitter on your eyelids. My favorite color on this side of the palette is the matte fuchsia pink!

Here are swatches of the colors from the right side of the palette. Half of this side is matte, while the other half is shimmery. Each color comes in matte and shimmer, making this side of the palette useful for those who like to wear one color of eye shadow in two different finishes. My favorite color on this side is the matte purple. It’s one of the best matte purple eye shadows that I have found! It’s smooth, pigmented and completely matte.

The middle portion of the palette opens up to four blush colors and a mirror.

Following the glamorous theme, this palette has a fun glittery blush, a shimmery highlight and two matte blushes.

These blushes are really pigmented, but if applied lightly, they can provide great color and a nice glow. I really like the peachy matte blush and I think it’d be good to use every day.

This palette is perfect to use when going out to a party or going out on the town. The deep and bold colors will draw attention to your eyes and the blushes will give you a healthy glow. This palette is small and compact, making it great to bring along with you. Use an eye primer or cream base to make sure that your eye shadow lasts throughout the night so you won’t have to worry about it!

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California Makeup Palette Collection: Malibu Palette Review

By Morena of TheDailySwatch

This BH Malibu palette is new to BH Cosmetics and is part of the California Makeup Palette Collection. It’s filled with bright, fun colors and is a must-have for summertime. It’s $10 and has 16 eyeshadows and 4 blushes.

When you open up the sides of the palette (which are magnetized), there’s a relaxing picture of a beach setting.

There are two sets of eyeshadows, one on each side. The left side is bright and colourful, while the left side is more neutral. Each side is made up of two quads and the colours in each pair well together. This makes it easier to create eyeshadow looks.

The back of the palette states:

“Become a sparkling beach babe with cool & warm shades of eyeshadows and face powders. Use this makeup palette for the perfect sun-kissed glow that every Malibu It-Girl craves.”

Here’s a close-up look at the eyeshadows. You can see that each quad contains a mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

The above photo is of swatches from the left side of the palette. The matte finish ones can be applied sheer or built up for an opaque look. I especially like the rich dark brown one!

The eyeshadows on the right side of the palette are more neutral and most of them are shimmery. These shimmery eyeshadows apply nicely and are easy to blend. If you’re a fan of blue eyeshadow, I think you’ll really like this palette! The blues are what makes this palette perfect for the summer.

I recommend wearing these eye shadows over a primer (like the BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primer) or a cream base (like the BH Cosmetics Eye Crayons), but anything you have that is similar will do the trick. Eye primers help keep eye shadow on your eyelids and will make it last all day without creasing. Eye crayons also intensify the look of your eye shadow!

When the palette is opened up fully, you can see the four blushes and the mirror. Like the other palettes in the collection, this comes with two highlight colors and two blushes.

I like that this palette comes with a variety of colors and finishes of blushes and highlighters. The highlighters have a soft glow to them while the blush at the top right has a bit more shimmer for an added glow. The matte blush at the top left makes for a great everyday blush and applies sheer at first, but can be built up for greater intensity.

I really like the last highlight shade. It’s subtle and doesn’t come off as overly shiny. I really like the matte blush as well!

I can see myself bringing this palette on vacation and using it in the summertime! While the palette looks really bright and fun, there are also some neutrals in there to help tone things down and bring the colours together. The palette is small and compact, has a good-sized mirror and is perfect for anyone who likes to wear bright and fun colours. If you’re looking for something to bring on vacation, this palette is it!

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