Fan Spotlight

Celebrate April Birthstone: Diamond



Happy Spring, April babes!

With the spring season in full swing, we can’t help but notice what a beautiful time it is to be celebrating your birthday! Speaking of beautiful, April’s birthstone is the beautiful diamond – a symbol for everlasting love. Now it makes sense why diamonds are a girl’s best friend! ;) Like the diamond, April babies are admired by everyone because they are loving, caring, generous, and good at consoling people.

Make sure you feel your well-deserved love on your birthday by creating your best diamond-inspired look. Start off with a flawless base using our Liquid Foundation and 6 Color Concealer & Corrector Palette. For your eye makeup, create a grey or silver look using our 88 Color Tropical Shimmer Palette which has an array of shimmery grays and neutrals. Add even more sparkle to your eye makeup with our ‘Silver’ or ‘Platinum’ glitter from our Glitter Collection. Sweep on a little bit of color to your cheeks using our Floral Blush Duo in ‘Daisy’.

Don’t forget your lips! With such a sparkly, festive eye, keep your lips neutral with our Crème Luxe Lipstick in ‘Forever Nude’. Feeling extra sparkly? Paint your nails with our self-explanatory ‘Metal’ polish from our 10pc Nail Lacquer Mystery Collection.

Although we’re sure you didn’t need such a sparkly look to get attention and love from your friends, this diamond-inspired look will without a doubt make you look and feel like a million bucks – or a million diamonds! Have fun celebrating and we hope you have an amazing birthday!

Celebrate March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine


Hey March Birthday Babes!

As we’re getting closer and closer to the first day of spring (which is the 20th by the way), March’s birthstone couldn’t be more perfect! Aquamarine’s light and cool color reflects the ocean blue and pretty much complements all spring colors. March babies share a lot of qualities that remind us of the sea, like their love of traveling and finding joy in peace and serenity. With such soothing qualities, it make sense why those born this month are very approachable people and good listeners.

Get ready for the spring season by playing around with bright colors, especially blue! Create tons of fun, bright looks with our 88 Color Shimmer Palette, which has a wide range of blue and green hues for you to create your own ocean-inspired look. Balance out your bright eye look with some neutrals from our 88 Color Neutral Palette. Blend the colors together to get a vibrant and cool, yet collected look. Line your eyes with our Gel Liner in ‘Gunmetal’ and sweep on some of our Loveable Lash Mascara (don’t forget to first curl your lashes with our Eyelash Curler) to give your eyes more depth and drama. Bring some color back into your cheeks using our Duo Blush Palette which has three different choices of shimmery and matte blushes. With your eye makeups full of color and drama, keep the lips simple with our Lip Gloss in ‘Peace Love & Mod’ for a touch of color and shine. Complete your look by giving your nails some love! Use our rightfully named ‘Calm’ nail polish from our 10pc Nail Lacquer Flirty Collection, which is an opaque aqua color – perfect for all you Aquamarine beauties!

Now it’s time to go out and celebrate both your birth month and the spring time! It’s a good thing that March babies like getting attention because you will be sure to get loads of it with such a colorful, fun look like this one. Have a very Happy Birthday!

Celebrate February’s Birthstone: Amethyst



Hello Birthday Beauties!

How lucky be born in the month of love! February’s birthstone, the Amethyst, is claimed to be associated with intelligence, honesty, and loyalty. However, the most known feature of this vibrant purple gem is that it was originally only worn by royalty and was said to give the wearer power and strength. Having all these qualities, it’s no wonder they chose this gem to represent the month of love! ;)

We want you February babes to celebrate accordingly and to really feel the love on your birthday, so obviously you’ll need the perfect look to go with it. Those born in February tend to be quite attractive and sexy (lucky you!), so start off your look using our 120 1st Edition Palette which has a ton of purple hues to give you the perfect, sexy purple smokey eye makeup. Balance out the vibrant purples with some darker neutrals using our 28 Color Smokey Eye Palette – don’t forget your Eye Primer to ensure your eye shadow stays in place. It’ll really help bring out the pigmentation!  Try a different look and line your eyes with our Eye Crayon in ‘Royalty’, which is a gorgeous shimmery plum color. Complete your eye makeup with some of our ‘Foxy’ False Eyelashes to really give your eyes a sultry look. We can’t stress how important it is to define your brows, especially when you’re wearing heavy eye makeup. Give your brows some lovin’ with our Flawless Brow Trio. You can thank us later ;)

Going out on the town to celebrate? Go the extra mile with your look using our Contour & Blush Palette to really define and bring out your gorgeous facial structure. Don’t forget to keep your Crème Luxe Lipstick in ‘Naked Peach’ in your clutch for touch ups! Although Amethyst beauts are said to be quiet and shy, you won’t have to worry because a gorgeous look like this one really speaks for itself. Wishing all of you the happiest of birthdays this month!

Celebrate January Birthstone: Garnet



Happy New Year, gorgeous gems!

After kissing goodbye 2013, we are so ready to take on the New Year! For all you January babes, we want to celebrate and recognize your birthstone, the beautiful Garnet. Although this gem comes in a variety of shades, such as yellow, green, and purple, it is most known for its rich, deep red color. Those born in January are associated with the virtues of truth, purity, and ambition. However, the main quality of January and the Garnet gem is their constancy in friendships! Why not grab your BFF and celebrate your birth month with a Garnet-inspired look?

Since Garnet holds such a deep red hue, create your look around a deep red lipstick. Our Crème Luxe Lipstick in ‘Red Truffle’ or ‘Moody Merlot’ are great colors to get in the mood for your birth month. Don’t forget to line with your lips with our Waterproof Lip Liner in ‘Retro’ which will create a clean line and make your dark lip last longer. With such a statement lip, keep your eyes simple with our 88 Color Neutral Eyeshadow Palette  which has a ton of nudes, taupes, and golds to work with or if you feel more devilish, go for a smokey eye and add a bit of sparkle with our conveniently named  glitter in ‘Deep Red’. Whether you go for the neutral eye or smokey eye, take it one step forward with a bold cat eye using

Celebrate December Birthstone: Tanzanite

Birthstone_December_Fb_403x403Hey Birthday Beauty Babes!

When we think of December, the main thing that probably comes to mind are all the holiday festivities that we will be celebrating. However, if you’re a December baby, then you probably also have your birthday on your mind! I mean, let’s be honest, your birthday is just as important as the holidays ;) With its rich blue-purple color and belief of having more fire and sparkle than other gems, Tanzanite’s rarity and beauty is the perfect birthstone to represent all you December beauts. Tanzanite is said to be associated with confidence and understanding, which explains why those born in December are successful and fun to be around.

To properly celebrate December, bring out your own confidence by incorporating some blue and purple hues into your look. Create a gorgeous eye look that will ensure you stand out from the crowd with our 120 1st Edition Palette which has an array of blues and purples to choose from and add a touch of our ‘Royal Purple’ Glitter for some sparkle. It is believed that those who celebrate this month are quite elegant, so throw on our ‘Flirt’ false eyelashes to add a bit more glam and give your eyes a classic cat eye with our ‘Ultra Violet’ Gel Eyeliner. To complete your look, sweep on our Floral Blush Duo in ‘Iris’ for the perfect pop of warm plum and our Crème Luxe Lipstick in Tea Time for a hint of color without taking the attention away from your eyes.

These purples and blues will definitely make a statement at your upcoming birthday and holiday parties, so get creative and have fun with it! A very Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays to all of you December beauties!

Celebrate November Birthstone: Topaz!



Happy Birthday Beauty Babes!

This one goes out to those born in the 11th month of the year, November! As the fall season surrounds us, we tend to see those gold, brown, red, and wine tones. To no surprise, this matches the beautiful November gemstone – topaz. Although topaz is a gemstone available in a rich rainbow of colors, it is most notorious for it’s gold and delicious caramel shade. This delectable stone pairs lovely with those with whom it belongs. The topaz represents loyalty and friendship, two qualities all November beauties possess. However, the true embodiment of both November and Topaz is that of love and affection. The wearer of this gemstone is believed to gain strength and intellect through its beauty.

In honor of our November birthdays and our kick off to holiday season, let’s celebrate by bringing out the solid gold. This lustrous shade can be shown by sweeping bronze-like shadows all over the eyelid using the BH 120 Color EyeShadow Palette 5th Edition.

Looking for a classic look this birthday? Opt for roughly lining your top lid with our BH Eye Crayon in Vintage, to get a quick dazzle of that glamorous gold.  Then, angled just right, paint on that perfect cat-eye wing with our BH Liquid Liner. After all, since this is your birthday month, be daring and dramatic by dusting Gold from our GlitterCollection all along your bottom lashes. This will create a sparkling and irresistible look for all birthday babes! Lastly, pair this lavishing eye with the Floral Duo Blushes in Daisy, which has the perfect peachy-pink blush and gold highlighter to completely round out this look! Pop some Tea Time CrèmeLuxe Lipstick on that perfect pout to add a babydoll-esque edge!

Happy Holidays & a very Happy Birthday to our BH Loves!

Celebrate October Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline & Opal!


As we transition into our colder months and embrace those fall feelings, we welcome the season of holidays! And birthdays, as holidays are concerned, are top priority here at BH Cosmetics! Those born in October rolled in just as our surroundings tend to morph colors and accept change. What a stunning sight it is to see the palettes of our world alter with time – just as beautiful as it is to see those born this month grow just a tad older!

These lucky birthday babes have two gems to represent their time on the calendar: Pink Tourmaline and Opal. Pink Tourmaline, although a relatively new phenomenon is breath taking with its electric and bright magenta hues. It is believed that those born in October have unbelievable inner beauty and that is not surprising since such a pervasive pink light, lights them from within! Such a brilliant color should be complimented, head for our Crème Luxe Lipstick in Pop Culture to get in touch with your hot pink side! Those sexy lips need nails to match, take a look at both Dolly and Celeb from our Flirty Collection or Vivid from our Mystery Collection for a more dramatic pairing! Finally, top the look off with double liner by putting down a thick wing of our Gel Eyeliners in Blow and then a thinner line layered on top in Gunmetal.

October honeys also are embodied from the beautiful Opal. Opal possesses such radiance through their “play of colors” – Opals flash the colors of the rainbow when they catch light. Those born this month should play with their own colors and opt for eye catchers like shadows found in our forever favorite 120 Eye shadow Palette 1st Edition. Also, make sure to catch your own light by highlighting under your brows and around your tear duct – our Eye Crayon in Crystal, when lightly blended, will illuminate the area and attract some serious sparkle! Lastly, those who celebrate this month are known to have a strong love of travel, if you feel this is fitting – explore a new place by trying our new Take Me To Brazil Palette! The properties of Opal are used to enhance imagination, so tap into your roots and access your potential by trying on a new color or opt for a totally different eye look!

Happy Birthday to those celebrating this month!! Tell us in the comments below which day does your birthday fall on?

Celebrate September Birthstone: Sapphire



Hello Gorgeous Gems!

With another month rolling by, this means it is time to welcome September! To all our precious September Sapphires, we wanted to celebrate and wish you the very best of birthdays! The deep royal and rich blues that capture your birth stone have just as well captured our hearts. The Sapphire, recognized by its meaning of wisdom and dignity is sure to be seen through those who are celebrating yet another year of their lives, this month! The brilliant blues that only the beauty of a Sapphire can provide, reflect the same beauty as those born in September. Such a stunning color should be emphasized in any look, so grab some blue and go for bold!

A perfect start would be our BH Cosmetics Eye Crayon in, surprise! Sapphire! Blend this creamy crayon all over your lid for the base of a midnight smokey eye. Complete this eye look by selecting your favorite colors from our 120 2nd Edition Palette, which offers a wide selection of blues as well as many other colors. Take this look to the next step by adding a little drama with our BH Cosmetics Glitter in, you guessed it! Sapphire!

If you’re looking for something more subtle,  line your upper lid with either the BH Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight or BH Gel Liner in Atlantic. Create a precise cat eye or gently line your eye, then lightly blend the pigment out. Not only will this give a soft touch of color, but it will also make your eyes pop! Pair this shocking blue with our Creme Luxe Lipstick in Pop-Cultured or Red Truffle for a perfect pair!

Remember beauties, blue is a primary color; therefore it goes well with any shade of eye, hair or skin tone! So this month, get in touch with your Sapphire side — be daring and incorporate some blue into your look! And once again, Happy Birthday September babes!