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Summer 2015 Trend Report

We’re totally crushing on coral this season! We put together a collection of our favorite styles featuring this hot summer hue. We hope it inspires you to add some POP to your look! Tell us what your fave pieces are in the comments below!


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Pop Art Lipstick

Coral Stone Fringe Statement Necklace

Crochet Open-Back Romper

Ray Too Sweet Heart Sunglasses

Colors For Your Eyes Only

Want to enhance your eye color for a look that really pops? It’s as easy as using shades of shadow that are complementary and analogous (similar) to your own color!

For example, brown eye colors generally have an orange-yellow undertone. On a color wheel, the analagous colors for brown have yellow and orange undertones—think brown, gold, and copper shades. The complementary colors for brown eyes have blue or violet undertones—like purple and plum. To find the best shades for your own unique eye color, pick up a color wheel at your local art supply store or find one online.

Use our guide below to help you create the perfect makeup combination to make your gorgeous eyes stand out among the crowd. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!