Celebrate December Birthstone: Tanzanite


Hey Birthday Beauty Babes!

When we think of December, the main thing that probably comes to mind are all the holiday festivities that we will be celebrating. However, if you’re a December baby, then you probably also have your birthday on your mind! I mean, let’s be honest, your birthday is just as important as the holidays 😉 With its rich blue-purple color and belief of having more fire and sparkle than other gems, Tanzanite’s rarity and beauty is the perfect birthstone to represent all you December beauts. Tanzanite is said to be associated with confidence and understanding, which explains why those born in December are successful and fun to be around.

To properly celebrate December, bring out your own confidence by incorporating some blue and purple hues into your look. Create a gorgeous eye look that will ensure you stand out from the crowd with our 120 1st Edition Palette which has an array of blues and purples to choose from and add a touch of our ‘Royal Purple’ Glitter for some sparkle. It is believed that those who celebrate this month are quite elegant, so throw on our ‘Flirt’ false eyelashes to add a bit more glam and give your eyes a classic cat eye with our ‘Ultra Violet’ Gel Eyeliner. To complete your look, sweep on our Floral Blush Duo in ‘Iris’ for the perfect pop of warm plum and our Crème Luxe Lipstick in Tea Time for a hint of color without taking the attention away from your eyes.

These purples and blues will definitely make a statement at your upcoming birthday and holiday parties, so get creative and have fun with it! A very Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays to all of you December beauties!

Celebrate November Birthstone: Topaz!



Happy Birthday Beauty Babes!

This one goes out to those born in the 11th month of the year, November! As the fall season surrounds us, we tend to see those gold, brown, red, and wine tones. To no surprise, this matches the beautiful November gemstone – topaz. Although topaz is a gemstone available in a rich rainbow of colors, it is most notorious for it’s gold and delicious caramel shade. This delectable stone pairs lovely with those with whom it belongs. The topaz represents loyalty and friendship, two qualities all November beauties possess. However, the true embodiment of both November and Topaz is that of love and affection. The wearer of this gemstone is believed to gain strength and intellect through its beauty.

In honor of our November birthdays and our kick off to holiday season, let’s celebrate by bringing out the solid gold. This lustrous shade can be shown by sweeping bronze-like shadows all over the eyelid using the BH 120 Color EyeShadow Palette 5th Edition.

Looking for a classic look this birthday? Opt for roughly lining your top lid with our BH Eye Crayon in Vintage, to get a quick dazzle of that glamorous gold.  Then, angled just right, paint on that perfect cat-eye wing with our BH Liquid Liner. After all, since this is your birthday month, be daring and dramatic by dusting Gold from our GlitterCollection all along your bottom lashes. This will create a sparkling and irresistible look for all birthday babes! Lastly, pair this lavishing eye with the Floral Duo Blushes in Daisy, which has the perfect peachy-pink blush and gold highlighter to completely round out this look! Pop some Tea Time CrèmeLuxe Lipstick on that perfect pout to add a babydoll-esque edge!

Happy Holidays & a very Happy Birthday to our BH Loves!