California Makeup Palette Collection: BH Hollywood Palette Review

By Morena of TheDailySwatch

The BH Hollywood Palette contains 16 eye shadows and 4 blushes and is only $10! It’s part of the new California Makeup Palette Collection from  BH Cosmetics. This is a great palette for anyone who likes to wear bold, bright and dramatic looks.

Opening the the magnetized sides of the palettes reveals a classic Hollywood Boulevard scene. The purples, blacks and reds in the scene are the inspiration for some of the eye shadows in this palette.

The left side has some classic Hollywood colors, while the right hand side has some brighter neon colors. Each side is made up of two quads which can help you decide which colors to pair with each other.

The back of the palette states:

“Look like an A-List celebrity using these bold eyeshadow and face colours, personally hand-picked by a Hollywood makeup artist. Mix & match the jewel-toned shades for a stunning look on your next glamorous night out.”

This palette is bold and glamorous for sure!

What sets this apart from the other two palettes in this collection are the glitter eyeshadows. There are two in this palette and they are both located on the left side. The glitter adds an extra dimension to any eyeshadow look, but be careful when applying them. Sometimes a little bit of the glitter can come off and fall onto your face. The best thing would be to apply an eyeshadow primer beforehand so that it adheres better to your eyelid.

The left side of the palette is definitely the glamorous side, while the right is bright and bold..

You can really see the glitter in the red eyeshadow on the right. It applies a bit sheer, but applying a cream base (like the BH Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in Burn) can make it more intense while also keeping the glitter on your eyelids. My favorite color on this side of the palette is the matte fuchsia pink!

Here are swatches of the colors from the right side of the palette. Half of this side is matte, while the other half is shimmery. Each color comes in matte and shimmer, making this side of the palette useful for those who like to wear one color of eye shadow in two different finishes. My favorite color on this side is the matte purple. It’s one of the best matte purple eye shadows that I have found! It’s smooth, pigmented and completely matte.

The middle portion of the palette opens up to four blush colors and a mirror.

Following the glamorous theme, this palette has a fun glittery blush, a shimmery highlight and two matte blushes.

These blushes are really pigmented, but if applied lightly, they can provide great color and a nice glow. I really like the peachy matte blush and I think it’d be good to use every day.

This palette is perfect to use when going out to a party or going out on the town. The deep and bold colors will draw attention to your eyes and the blushes will give you a healthy glow. This palette is small and compact, making it great to bring along with you. Use an eye primer or cream base to make sure that your eye shadow lasts throughout the night so you won’t have to worry about it!

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BH Malibu: Beach and Party Look Tutorial

Our California Makeup Collection: BH Malibu Palette can take you from day to night.  Whether your on Spring Break and need the perfect beach babe look or you’re ready to party the night away, this palette has all the shimmers and mattes you need to create the perfect look.
Malibu Beach Look:
The beach look is created with the eye shadow colors that appear on the Left half of the Malibu palette. If you prefer a ‘natural’ makeup look but want to play off some color- apply a bright shadow to the inner corners of the eyes & softly blend it up into the center lids. This is a great way to try fun colors without doing too much.
-Use the Classic Smudge Brush or the Small Smudge Brush for this step. The small, stiff brush with help with more accurate application & blending of the shadow pigment.
-Try it with the shades on the Left -  such as the lime green, yellow, or sea blue!
Malibu Party Look:
If you’re interested in creating a bold night time look with the Malibu Palette – try using the deeper blue shades from the Right of the palette.
-Blend the shades from the inner corners of the eyes out into the lids. Start by using the Small Smudge Brush and applying the mint blue shade into the inner corners.
-Then, blend the shimmery blue & pale emerald colors up into the center lids using the Contour Blending Blush.
-Use the deeper browns from the same half of the palette to contour the creases & outer corners.
-Fill the waterlines using the Gel Eyeliner in “Atlantic” or “Pacific.”
-One of the deep navy blue shades can also be blended down into the lower lash line with the Small Smudge Brush.
Both lip colors were selected from the 66 Color Lip Gloss Palette! Which lip color would you wear with these looks?