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Add a little sparkle to your makeup routine

Some fashionistas may cringe when they hear the word glitter used while discussing cosmetics, as it can bring back bad memories of roll-on glitter tubes and those embarrassing junior high photos. Although full on glitter may no longer be a fad you're willing to try, a sophisticated shimmer may be just the ticket. Lauren Conrad recently discussed using glitter or shimmer right for a sassy nighttime eye makeup style on her blog, The Beauty Department, and ladies should take note.

To achieve this perfect balance of all that glitters is gold and sophisticated chic, start by purchasing a 120 eyeshadow palette with shimmering colors to pick shades that work best with your complexion. LC uses gold and burgundy for her look, but feel free to try other options like silver and midnight blue. You'll also need glitter cream eyeshadow, but you can make this on your own by picking out eyeshadow colors and mixing it with eye cream or eye primer to help it stick. Other must-haves include, black mascara, black eyeliner and a fine liner brush and a few other makeup brushes to avoid double-dipping in products.

Step 1: Start above the crease

To start off this sensational style, apply eye primer on your top lids to ensure colors stay where they're supposed to. Then, use a small smudge brush to apply the light gold or silver shade eyeshadow starting just above your crease lines and all the way up to your brow lines. Use the same shade to trace along your lower lash line as well.

Step 2: Apply the eyeshadow

Continue to create this perfect makeup by using a flat liner brush to apply the burgundy or midnight blue eyeshadow in a half-moon shape right along and above your crease lines. Similar to the first step, swipe this product along your lower lash line to add major drama.

Step 3: Pile on the glitter

After creating the base of your eye makeup using the mellow eyeshadow, it's time to let the real fun begin. Take your glitter and mix it in with eye primer or another sticky product like Vaseline then apply the glitter all over your upper lids using your fingers - you may need to apply a few layers to really make your eyes pop. Make sure to smooth out any imperfections along the way.

Step 4: Go heavy with the eyeliner

To pull off the out-of-this-world makeup, you'll need to vamp up the eyes with plenty of dark eyeliner. Apply liquid eyeliner along your upper and lower lids and wing it out past your brow lines for an even bolder statement.

InStyle Magazine reports liquid eyeliner offers users "better control, resulting in a sharper line that is easy to build upon." Gorgeous stars like Kate Moss and Nina Dobrev are big fans of the winged out style, and you should be too.

Step 5: Make your eyes come alive

Every statement look needs good mascara and this makeup is no different. The Beauty Department suggests ladies apply tons of black mascara after applying the eyeliner and even try false lashes for that extra something.

Step 6: The completion

Drum roll please, the last step in this stellar and glimmering application is to line your inner waterlines with black eyeliner. This will help with the overall effect of the look and will focus your friends' attention on the unique feature.

Glamour Magazine reports ladies can enhance their water lines using lighter shades here as well. Jessica Biel recently rocked shimmery beige eyeliner on her water lines. 

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