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Be beautiful with blush

Blush can be a girl's best friend - especially during the cold winter months when the paleness takes over. If you're plagued with a vampire-like complexion, blush can help warm you up and make you feel better both inside and out. Despite the fact that blush is such a helpful product, it can be hard to decipher which hue works best for you, which is why Cosmopolitan Magazine recently listed the best winter blushes to try.

Brighten your complexion
If you're looking to enhance your face and make it seem more vibrant, you'll need to look for a compact made of a blend of oranges, golds and pinks, the news source reports. These gorgeous hues are lovely on their own, but when their powers combine, they are extraordinary. You may assume these colors would be too much together, but in reality they blend perfectly to create depth to your cheeks.

Swipe the product on using makeup brushes starting on the apples of your cheeks and then moving the color up and out toward your temples for a natural finish.

Recreate summer with bronzer
Ladies who want to avoid looking pale during the winter months may benefit from learning a few bronzing tricks. To achieve a natural-looking finish, try to find a palette that has a bronze shade and a true pink hue.

When applying, swipe a brush into the bronze color and start blending it over your cheekbones. Next, take another brush and dip it into the pink shade and apply it over the bronzer and then along the apples of your cheeks. The shades work harmoniously to provide you with a pop of color on your face.

Hide the shine
Fashionistas who suffer from oily complexions may be wondering what type of products work best for them in any season. The experts at the magazine report ladies with frequent oil slicks should refrain from cream-based blushes and instead opt for matte-based formulas. Using a matte style will help hide and soak up any oil that occurs throughout day to day activities.

Bring on the berries
Shades that fall within the pink and purple families are also fun for the cheeks. To create a boost of color during the dreary and gray winter season, try to find blush in certain shades, including apricot, pearl, rose and plum. Mixing these shades on your cheeks helps to illuminate your complexion in an instant. 

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