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Be blue this winter - with your makeup that is

Winter is here and as the cold weather forces fashionistas into sweaters, jackets and adorable hats, some may be wondering what type of makeup trends they should rock with such styles. Glamour Magazine reports the "it" color of winter seems to be electric or metallic blue, and wearing it on your eyes is a must. Some ladies may find this shade a bit over the top, yet with the bland gray backdrop winter brings, it may be nice to stand out with a funky color.

As eyeliner
One of the easiest ways to transition into blue this season is to rock it as your eyeliner on top. Whether you enjoy the bold cat eye, or a more subtle quick swipe, using blue is sure to help you shine.

For this trend, grab a metallic blue liner pencil and a shimmering gold eyeshadow. First, apply the shadow on your top lids up to the crease lines, the warm hue will offset the boldness of the blue, helping your eyes work in perfect harmony. Next, grab the pencil and swipe in on from the inner corners of your eyes and out toward the outer sections. Feel free to make it wider as it goes out or even create a fabulous cat-eye style for major drama.

Ladies can also make a huge impression by rocking black eyeliner on their top lids and switching to the blue hue on bottom - the pop of color is sure to be gorgeous.

As mascara
OK, we get it, some ladies may be a bit wary to try rocking blue mascara, as the look is definitely going to garner some major attention. However, when this style is done correctly, it can really make a (good) lasting impression.

For this trend, start by grabbing a black pencil liner and use it to rim your top lids. Next, take a blue shadow or pencil and swipe it on directly above the black liner, blend it a bit to make it seem more uniform. After the colors are blended, take a mascara primer and apply it on your top and bottom lashes, then let it sit for between one and two minutes. Finish the style with the blue mascara on top and bottom for a totally unique look.

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