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Beauty mistakes to avoid

Let's face it, when it comes to applying makeup, some ladies out there are better than others. Despite the fact that skill levels differ, most fashionistas can admit to making one or more cosmetic faux pas in their lives. Allure Magazine recently listed the most prevalent mishaps to teach women what they need to know and issues they should be avoiding.

Mismatched concealer or foundation
One of the most common makeup mistakes ladies are guilty of making is applying foundation or concealer that doesn't match up with their true skin color. Not only does this issue show off your problem areas rather than hide them, but it can even make you look as though you're wearing a mask.

To avoid this, stick to a hue that closely matches your true complexion and then take extra time to blend. Common trouble areas include the chin and jawline as well as the neck.

Noticeable lip liner
Another fashion no-no is rocking noticeable lip liner. Even though this style was all the rage in the late 80s and early 90s, it is certainly not acceptable in 2012. In most instances lip liner should not be worn at all, though it is an important feature for ladies rocking bold hues like red or tangerine, in order to keep the color in place. In the latter situations, try lining your lips in a nude or colorless liner for the benefit without the faux pas.

Tanning mom
Most people know what it looks like when someone overdoes their tanning, and the same issue can occur with bronzer. Sure, bronzer might be a welcome product during the colder months when people are paler, but it shouldn't look like you've signed on to be a member of the Jersey Shore.

To avoid looking like Tanning Mom or Snooki, try finding a bronzer in a powder finish instead of a cream-based product. With the powdered option you'll be able to add a pop of golden brown without going overboard.

Glitter overload
The holiday season is here and many ladies use this festive time of year as an excuse to bring out the glitter. Even though a touch of shimmering eyeshadow on your eyes, or an illuminating product on your cheeks is nice, rocking glitter in your gloss, on your cheeks and by way of glitter eyeshadow is certainly too much. Tip: If you live for sparkle, opt to show it off by way of a sequin gown, since this is in fashion.

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