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Beauty resolutions to make in 2013

The New Year is fast approaching and this is the time for many people to make resolutions. Ladies looking to try and improve their current beauty routine needn't look any further, as Allure Magazine recently broke down ways for women to revamp their makeup and beauty regimens for the better.

Vow to remove your makeup at night
One of the best ways to keep your skin looking perfect each day is to always wash your face before hitting the sheets. A dermatologist told the news source that makeup and other grime from the day can build up on the face during sleep. The products can then cause dead skin cells to build up, clog your pores and create an uneven complexion, as well as leaving you prone to frequent breakouts.

You can avoid this altogether by simply making the trek to your bathroom each night to wash your face. Trust us, it's worth every step.

Wear SPF
Another important tip to try and incorporate into your daily beauty routine is to use a face moisturizer or lotion that contains SPF. These products tend to contain a broad-spectrum sunscreen that helps protect your skin from skin cancer and aging by blocking out harmful UVA rays. Using a product with SPF will also reduce your chances of getting sunburned as it blocks UVB rays as well.

Getting used to applying a moisturizer with SPF every morning will help you stay looking longer and healthier for longer.

Try out new makeup colors each month
It can be easy to get into a makeup rut, especially if you find a few colors that look perfect on you. However, you'll never know if there is more out there if you don't try. This is why the experts at the magazine are encouraging fashionistas to test out new beauty products and colors each month. This can include using a brightly colored eyeliner in exchange for your traditional black product, or looking fabulous in a unique lipstick shade. Who knows, you might find a few cosmetics you like even more than your current ones.

Get familiar with glossy eye makeup
A makeup artist recently reported the new trend to try in 2013 is glossy lids. These "topcoats" can be layered over a bare lid, or one with eyeshadow on it. To achieve this style, first apply a primer on your top lids, and then swipe on a layer of shadow in the crease line. Next, dab a bit of eye gloss on your finger and smear it across your lid from the lash lines to the crease lines for an instant glow.

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