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Beauty rules worth breaking

When it comes to looking fabulous, there are a few beauty tips most ladies follow. Avoiding bold lip and eye makeup combos and staying away from glitter are two of the most commonly know fashion faux-pas. Even though some rules are important to follow, others are meant to be broken. Women's Health Magazine recently discussed which tips to stick with and which ones are totally dated.

Matching your makeup with your ensemble
It's true that it can be a bit too matchy-matchy to pair your gray top with gray eyeshadow, but there is a time and a place to break this rule.

"Women used to wear the same exact shades in both places," a makeup artist told the news source. "...but [instead] your makeup should be a softer, sheerer version of your clothing."

This means it's OK to coordinate, as long as there are variations. For example, if you're wearing a deep purple frock to an upcoming holiday party, try to find a lighter, lilac shadow to wear on your peepers. Mix this in with a brown eyeliner for a fabulous and chic style.

Never wear red lipstick if you have red hair
Red lips on red headed women has always been deemed a major mistake, yet the magazine believes this is another rule that needs to be changed. In general, redheads should avoid wearing warm-colored red lipsticks.

"In the past, redheads were told to wear russet lip hues to match the warmth of their hair," the artist told the source.

This is actually the fashion no-no, as these hues are less flattering on ladies with light, pinkish skin tones - a common trend among redheads. Instead, regal reds should opt for brighter hues like cherry or true red.

False lashes are only for the night
Most ladies reserve false lashes for special occasions or holidays such as Halloween. Even though you may not want to rock purple, green or blue fake lashes to your upcoming dinner party or lunch date, wearing gorgeous volumizing natural-toned lashes are definitely a must.

"Fake lashes were once reserved for showgirls and Liza Minnelli," the makeup artist told the magazine. "Plus, falsies used to be too long and dense for day wear."

Times certainly have changed, and now ladies can feel free to rock false lashes proudly. Girls going after a natural look should try cutting up the lashes into sections. Glue a clump of three lashes at the outer corners for a gorgeous extension. You could also add in strips throughout your lashes to gain a volumizing effect.

In either case, make sure to marry the false lashes with your real ones by applying a few coats of volumizing mascara - but only at the lash base, the expert reports. Using mascara all the way up the lashes can make them look too heavy.

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