All About Beauty Essentials (68)
Beauty tips to help you shine

Looking gorgeous is no easy task. Even the most stunning women in the world have certain flaws, yet these supermodels and actresses have a secret weapon - makeup artists who know how to hide problem areas and accentuate their best features. Woman's Day Magazine recently broke down some of the best tips in order to help everyday ladies feel like their favorite celebrities.

Best brows
When it comes to eyebrows, trends are constantly changing. From thin to thick, it's hard to keep up with the latest styles, but it's easy to remember certain tricks that will help you shape yours best. In order to pluck the easiest, always tweeze in the direction your hair grows, the news outlet reports.

You should also try to soften your skin around your brows before plucking by dabbing them with a cotton ball soaked in warm water for one to two minutes prior to plucking. Trust us, your eyebrows with thank you.

Brighten up your peepers
Eyes are dubbed as the gateway to the soul, so who wouldn't want theirs to be bold and bright? There are a few ways to ensure your peepers will always stand out.

First, it's important to remember your eyes are a sensitive area and they should always be treated with care. When applying eye makeup or taking it off, always blot in gentle pats instead of rubbing the area, as this can cause redness and irritation.

Some ladies may opt to lower their chins when applying mascara in the mirror, yet the beauty experts report this is how the product can get on your top lid. Instead, try to keep your chin up, even if it seems a bit hard at first.

Another tip to live by is to always apply moisturizer and foundation, or a primer on your lids before swiping on any eyeshadow, as it will help keep the color in place. The best way to brighten up your peepers in an instant is by applying a light shadow, such as an ivory or gold hue, just above the lash lines at your inner corners. The pop of lightness will really give you a gorgeous glow.

Keep a pretty face
Most ladies have a tendency to touch their face or pick at when they are bored or nervous. Even though it may be OK to give your face the once-over from time to time, touching it constantly can actually create bigger issues such as breakouts. Instead, stay hands-free and use makeup pads or brushes when fixing your cosmetics

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