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Best beauty products for Halloween

Halloween is just a few weeks away and that means ladies everywhere need to start gearing up in order to be the cutest cats, witches, nurses or any other costume they can think of. Teen Vogue Magazine recently broke down the top beauty products fashionistas need to get their hands on this Halloween in order to look as scary or adorable as possible.

Faux lashes
Nothing says spooky and glamorous better than a gorgeous set of false lashes in funky colors. For this special holiday, feel free to go wild and select the most out-there shades of lashes you can find. A bold purple with bits of black mixed in may be perfect, while going for a green pair or even an electric blue style will surely help you stand out from your friends.

Black eyeshadow
Dark and mysterious and fabulous smoky eye makeup seem to go hand in hand. Not only does the smoky eye offer women a chance to have a bit of drama, but it also works to enhance all shades of peepers. Add a bit more life to your dark style by finding black eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer in it. This will help soften up the look while making it seem like you've got a bit of magic in your eyes.

Shimmering eyeliner/mascara
Halloween is probably the one holiday in which ladies can get away with wearing as much sparkle and glitter as their hearts desire. A great way to enhance the glitter while still looking stylish and chic is to look for eyeliner or mascara that has bits of silver or gold glitter mixed in. This unique style will add life to your dark eyes, while adding a surprising touch of sparkle that people are sure to love.

Orange lips
Having fun on Halloween is a must and ladies can achieve the ultimate good time by rocking orange toned lipstick. If you're feeling ultra bold, try out a cool tangerine shade. If you're more on the conservative side, stick with a pretty peach or an orange with gold undertones to dazzle in a more subtle way.

Other popular makeup trends to try this Halloween include eyeshadow in fresh colors like hunter green or purple for a ghoulish good time. Dark colored nail polish or even nail stickers with a Halloween theme will push your holiday spirit over the top. 

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